The Nite Show at The Egg Ride for Pine Tree Camp

You can still donate to the 50th Annual Dysart's Snowmobile Ride-In/Q106.5 Egg Ride to benefit Pine Tree Camp.

PTC-Christie.jpegDan & Christie came back as celebrity riders in the Egg Ride with Q106.5. What does that mean? Read on...

For every $50 raised, Dan, Christie, and other celebrity riders put a raw egg in the snowsuits for the ride. The result is a messy, gooey, chilly snowmobile ride with lots of money going to Pine Tree Camp, a most worthwhile cause. 

**NEW FOR 2023 -- due to the egg pricing situation and/or shortage...things have changed for this year. For the first time in 50 years, instead of using actual eggs, the substance will be J-ELLO. It will either be egg-shaped, or just J-ELLO. One way or the other, it's still going to be messy. It's still going to be fun. And it's still going to be for an amazing cause.**

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Dan & Christie's current egg tally was 52 eggs each. Thank you for your support!

Christie's 2023 Egg-themed Parody has been released with great reviews and fanfare. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out here:

Videos from last year: